Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels

Save up to 70% on your electricity bills with our top quality solar panel installation services…

Renewafuel install solar panels on residential houses and business premises nationwide and throughout the local regions.

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Benefits of Solar Power. Take control of your energy bills

With energy bills spiralling out of control, there has never been a better time to look at generating your own electricity – and with the cost of a solar panel installation at an all time low, now really is the time to reduce your bills and help protect the planet.

Significantly Reduce Electricity Bills By Up To 70%

Enjoy substantial savings on your energy bills. As an added bonus, you can make money by selling the surplus electricity you generate back to the National Grid (See the Smart Export Guarantee), or store it for later use during peak tariff times (See Battery Storage).

Quick, Low Cost Installation & Maintenance

With Government Backed Funding Incentives and our own self-financing options, Solar Panel Installation is now more affordable than ever before. Panels are quickly and simply installed to sit on the roof or integrated within the roofline by our MCS certified team.

Environmentally Friendly & Low Carbon Footprint

Solar energy is a clean and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional energy from fossil fuels, contributing to a much healthier planet. Did you know that he average domestic solar panel installation in the UK saves just under 1 ton of carbon dioxide every year.

How solar panels work

As a free, clean and abundant resource source of clean, energy from our sun is converted into electricity using Solar Photovoltaic Panels (Solar PV Panels). The electricity generated can then be used to heat your home and power your appliances.

Solar Panels convert energy particles in sunlight into electrons

1. Sunlight

When a solar panel is hit by light from the sun – the particles of energy are converted into electrons.

Electrons pass through the solar panel cells and are converted into direct current electricity

2. Solar Cells

The electrons pass through the solar panel cells and are converted into Direct Current (DC) electricity.

Solar Panel Inverter

3. Inverter

The DC electricity is sent to the inverter, which converts it into AC electricity (Alternating Current).

AC power used around the home to power your appliances

4. Home Appliances

The AC electricity can then be used around the home to power your appliances, charge batteries and more.

What could be better,
Sell the energy you don’t use, or save it for later

You can choose to store the extra energy you generate for later use, or sell it back to the National Grid, earning you an Export Tariff.

How much you earn depends on the size of your system, the amount you use, and the amount your energy supplier pays per kilowatt hour.

Performance & Technology

Long-Term, Performance Protected Systems. To ensure your system performs for longer, we only use solar panels from trusted, industry leading manufacturers that provide 25 year linear performance warranties and 12 year product warranties.

DMEGC Solar Panels


Founded in 1980, DMEGC solar is committed to being the world’s leading renewable energy company, with industry-leading R&D, manufacturing, quality assurance and excellent services, they provide high-efficient PV products and system solutions covering residential, C&I and utility applications.

Longi Solar Panels

Longi Solar

Founded in 2000, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGi) under the mission of “Utilizing Solar Energy, Building a Green World” with a brand image of “Robust, Reliable, and Technology Leading.”

Q Cells Solar Panels Engineered in Germany

Q Cells

The company is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, after being founded in 1999 in Thalheim, Germany, where the company still has its engineering offices. Q Cells has manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, South Korea, and the United States. The company was the sixth-largest producer of solar cells in 2019

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Solar Panel Installation in Worksop by Renewafuel

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