Save money on your
energy bills

Installing a battery could reduce your electricity bills, taking advantage of the electricity generated by solar panels, plus additional charging during cheaper tariff times over night – using this electricity when you need it, reduces the amount you need to buy from your energy company.

“Already have solar panels?”

Why not add battery storage and use your generated electricity overnight too?
Our batteries range from 5.12kw upwards and when purchased with the packaged inverter
they also benefit from a 10 year warranty*

*When you purchase a Sunsynk inverter and Sunsynk battery together, you get an exclusive 10 year warranty – this offer is not available on other products or other package variations.

The Benefits of Battery Storage

You can generate electricity using your solar panels without a battery, but a battery helps you get the most from your panels by not wasting the generated electricity.

Solar panels generate electricity when there’s daylight, however at night your panels go to sleep and you buy electricity from the energy suppliers instead… by adding a battery you can use more of your own generated electricity at night too

What are Storage Batteries and how do they work?

This video from our friends at Sunsynk will answer all your questions…
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Putting you in control

Monitoring your solar/battery system

Using the Data Logger app you will get the most out of your solar panel and battery system. The app tracks in real time how much electricity your panels are generating,  indicating your current battery charge status, where your electricity is being used (battery/home/grid), what your homes electricity requirements are in real time and how much you’re importing from the National Grid.

How much you’ll benefit can vary greatly from home to home, everyone uses electricity differently, at different times – different amounts etc.  However, we’ll talk to you about your usage and give you an estimated guide to the savings you can make.

Will a battery work with my existing panels?

You can add batteries to the majority of existing solar panel systems, we would check compatibility for you beforehand – you might require a replacement inverter, however this could also benefit your system as many inverters wear out over the years and don’t perform as well.

Adding a battery to your solar panel system is a great start and you’ll benefit from this, additional batteries will store more – reducing your need for grid electricity, it’s also cheaper installing them at the same time than separately in the future.

Battery systems are generally placed in locations such as lofts, garages, outbuildings and utility rooms – we would determine the best location during and onsite survey – this ensures there won’t be problems with locating the device on installation day.

“Solar panels with Battery Storage are a great way to help protect the environment”

We’ll never run out of daylight as the sun has a lifespan of billions of years, we can harness this ‘power’ to replace fossil fuelled energy sources for many lifetimes to come, storing your energy reduces the reliance of electricity generated by fossil fuels