We’re an approved EPVS installer

As an EPVS (Energy Performance Verification System) installer, we have undergone additional training and certification to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and the solar panel installations we provide are energy efficient.

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Solar Panel Installations - Olly Owl

EPVS combats mis-selling and malpractice in renewables

– Olly The EPVS Wise Owl

Trust, confidence and peace of mind

Renewafuel Home Innovations has gone through a rigorous process and had to satisfy EPVS that all our documentation provided to customers is up to standard for our solar panel installations.

EPVS is a certification standard that validates the processes used by installers to ensure energy-saving, generating and/or storing calculations/estimates for home energy products are accurate and valid. EPVS aims to protect consumers from receiving incorrect performance estimates, running costs, and where applicable, incentive income or grants by auditing the contractual paperwork to ensure it meets their certification standard.

Solar Panel Installations - EPVS Certificate

Benefits of using an EPVS member

  • Increased confidence in the installer providing you with a quote

  • Our process gives accuracy importance, thereby reducing mis-selling

  • You will receive an EPVS certificate stating your installation is registered

  • Added layer of security and protection from EPVS

  • Independent ongoing monitoring of installers ensures compliance

  • FREE validation check is available to you should you require it

Sunsynk Master Installers

As a solar panel installer that has installed more than 500 Sunsynk systems at an expert level – the manufacturer lists Renewafuel Home Innovations as a ‘Master Installer’, demonstrating an expert knowledge of the Sunsynk equipment and operating systems.

If you’re looking for an expert for your solar panel installation, we’ve demonstrated we’re the perfect choice for your home improvement project.

Solar Panel Installations - Sunsynk Logo
Solar Panel Installations - Sunsynk Logo

Revolutionising how we generate, use and store energy!

In a world where energy costs are soaring, and governments are turning to renewables as the ultimate solution, Sunsynk stand at the forefront of this transformative journey. With Sunsynk, you can be confident that our range of solar storage solutions cater to your specific needs – regardless of the scale of your solar panel installation, Sunsynk have a solution for you

Monitoring your solar panel installation

Using the Sunsynk app you will get the most out of your solar panel and battery system. The app tracks in real time how much electricity your panels are generating, indicating your current battery charge status, where your electricity is being used (battery/home/grid), what your homes electricity requirements are in real time and how much you’re importing from the National Grid.

Solar Panel Installations - Sunsynk Logo

George Clarke Explains Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are the heating system for the 21st Century, they’re our future – but not everyone understands what they’re.

George Clarke brand ambassador for Mitsubishi Ecodan explains in this video how air source heat pumps work, the benefits and why they’re the future of heating.

The Air Source Heat Pump is an incredibly efficient (300% efficiency) way of heating your home and hot water.  Produces far less carbon than most heating systems and improves your lifestyle by removing physical dirty fuel types from your property such as oil, lpg, coal, gas etc