Solar Panels & Battery Storage, Doncaster

Solar Panels & Battery Storage Installation in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Solar Panels & Battery Storage Installation in Doncaster, South Yorkshire



Semi- Detached Property in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Neighbouring properties both had solar panels together

Customer Name: Prescott.
Location: Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
Type of Building: Semi-Detached Property (Both Houses).
Products Installed: 10x DMEG 405 Watt Solar Panels, Sunsynk 3.6kw Inverter & Sunsynk 5.12kw Storage Battery.
Additional Services: MCS Certification, HIES Certification.
Government Tariffs or Grants: Smart Export Tariff with Octopus.

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Project Details

Linda was referred to us by a previously installed customer who lives nearby, both neighbouring properties were interested in finding out more about solar panels and battery storage for their properties.

With electricity prices being so high, taking advantage of off-peak cheaper rates through Octopus was also an attractive prospect for Linda. Setting her battery to charge overnight from the grid (at the lower rates) ensures she starts her day with a battery full of cheaper electricity.

We visited Linda and her neighbour to survey their properties together and discuss the available options with both homeowners, providing information about how the panels would work, our recommended location for them, where they would prefer them to be located and how many would fit on the available roof space.

For both properties we recommended 10x DMEG 405w Solar Panels to be fitted to the south-east facing roofs to receive maximum generation benefits from the system. We also recommended adding battery storage to take advantage of the excess generated electricity.

Octopus Energy

Although Linda has battery storage to take advantage of the excess electricity generated – when the battery is full she wanted to ensure that it wasn’t being exported for free! maximising her returns from the system by registering with Octopus Energy for their Smart Export Tariff.

Government backed funding options

Basically the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a tariff operated by the various energy suppliers such as British Gas, Octopus, Scottish Power, Ovo Energy, EON etc. hey will pay you for exporting unused electricity back to the National Grid. The amount they pay you varies depending on their own current individual tariffs.

Renewafuel Home Innovations help all our customers with the application process providing you with the required documentation.

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Here's why you should choose Renewafuel Home Innovations

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