Domestic Squirrel Pod Battery Storage

Introducing the
Squirrel Pod

Energy storage without solar panels

Domestic Squirrel Pod Battery Storage

Octopus Agile ready!Does not need solar panels!Reduces electricity bills for allCharges using cheapest electricityCharge using renewable energy

100% Renewable Energy Whenever You Need It

Finally take control of your electricity bills

Energy providers are now providing cheap off peak – renewable electricity, the downside being that it’s generally cheapest at the times of day we need it the most.

The Squirrel Pod Battery Storage system’s artificial intelligence uses this information to charge connected batteries during these cheaper tariff rates – allowing you to use this electricity whenever you want/need to.  Giving you access to cheaper rate electricity, all day and night.

The main benefit of the Squirrel Pod Battery Storage system is the ability to tailor your system size to your power requirements, so heavy users (Air Source Heat Pump owners for example) can use a larger system – to store more electricity, meaning your using less electricity at the higher cost per kwh.  Lower electricity users may only need a smaller system to move the majority of the electricity to constant low tariff.


Agile Auto Charge

How does this work?

Domestic energy storage is not just for those that have solar panels.  You can install the Squirrel Pod Battery Storage system and benefit from the same benefits – charging your batteries overnight on Economy7 (or during other off-peak times) and using that energy during peak periods; reducing your bills and enabling you to take advantage of renewable energy.

Which System Do I Need?

Understanding your energy usage at home is a key factor. We can help you determine how much energy you’re using over the year and break it down to daily usage.

Device Watts Time (minutes) Usage (wh)
Microwave 1200 15 300
Kettle 1200 7 130
Television 65 120 130
Fan 35 180 105
Computer 50 180


How much electricity do we really use?

The power required to run equipment in the home every day varies with each electrical device. Appliances such as microwaves, irons, toaster ovens and hair dryers require high current for short periods of time. Appliances such as televisions, computers, fans and refrigerators use low current for extended periods of time.

For example if all of the devices listed here are used once a day for the stated time, the total usage will be less than 1,500 watt hours.  Installing battery storage with 4kWh of usable capacity could power many of your essential devices using energy purchased overnight at off-peak rates.

Squirrel Pod Battery Storage Benefits

  • Cheapest Electricity Rates When you need them the most

  • Octopus Agile ready

  • Price Point Charging

  • Reduce Your Energy Bills

  • Charge Your Batteries With 100% Renewable Energy

  • Greater Built-in EPS In The Event Of A Power Cut – Emergence Power Supply

  • Choose When You Want To Charge Your Batteries i.e. Day, Night Or Both

  • Future Proof Against Energy Price Rises

  • The Only Battery System That Doesn’t Need Solar

  • Up to 8 Batteries Per Controller

  • 10 Years Battery Warranty

  • 10 Years Controller Warranty

Take Back Control of Your Electricity Bills
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